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Do I need Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists diagnose and treat injuries from acute to chronic conditions, playing a huge role in rehabilitation. Aside from that, physiotherapists also play a critical role in injury prevention, achieving and maintaining optimal health, wellness and fitness.

Whether you're a competitive athlete trying to optimize in your sports performance, an administrative officer suffering from neck and back pain, or a retiree managing a long standing chronic condition (such as diabetes), physiotherapy might be beneficial.

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It's my first time to LocoMotion, what should I prepare?

Come and dress in loose clothing/ sports attire so that assessment can be carried out comfortably on your area of pain. Covered shoes will also be preferred.

If you have any doctor referrals/ memos/ medical reports, do bring them along as well.

Arrive punctually and get ready to sort out your pain (;

What should I expect during the first session?

During the first session, the physiotherapist will run through a verbal and physical assessment to understand more about your concern and identify the potential/ existing problem. The choice of treatment approach will then be decided based on the assessment.

A standard first session will usually take around 45- 60 minutes.

Pilates, which one for me?

Ideal for those with special conditions, injuries, or individuals looking for a customised program to focus on their personal goals.  Appropriate pilates equipments or props will be used to assist or to challenge individuals during exercise.

For friends who want to get fit or fitter together! The pilates reformer class is ideal to challenge & improve strength & flexibility, balance as well as proprioception. Meant for healthy individuals without injuries or special conditions. 

Cozy class for two, with focused attention from the instructor to better address or customise program to the needs of the individuals. Class will incorporate various Pilates equipments (including the pilates reformer) as necessary.

What is Sport Massage?

Using a collection of massage techniques and modalities, Sport Massage is a form of clinical massage that aims to accelerate an active individual’s recovery from exercises and competitions. It is often used as a treatment adjunct during rehabilitation and injury prevention as well. Whether you are a desk-job worker or an elite athlete, each session is tailored to the affected muscle groups depending on the type of activity you participate in.

Commonly Used in:

Pre/ Post-race and event

Reducing muscle tension/ DOMs

Facilitating and optimizing recovery

Avoid If:

Recent Fractures/ Trauma

Open wound/ Burns

Rheumatoid Arthritis/ Gout

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Recent Surgical Sites

Infectious Diseases


Speak to us if you’re in doubt!

What mode of payment is available?

We accept cash, Paylah!, PayNow & GrabPay!

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