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What specific services do we provide?

Knee pain physiotherapy:

In Knee pain physiotherapy, the first thing that we do is to access the current condition of your knee along with the entire lower body. A detailed examination of the muscles from your hip to toes can help the physiotherapist in suggesting the right exercise and estimating the recovery time.

Acute pain, sub-acute pain, and chronic pain are the three pain stages in which your physiotherapist can categorize your pain or condition into. Based on this categorization, our doctors will help you in finding the most appropriate solution.

Backpain physiotherapy:

The other service that we provide at Locomotion Clinic is Backpain physiotherapy. This therapy is often required after surgery or an accident when the back muscles either get too weak or damaged to perform their function adequately.

Two different types of therapies can be used depending on the condition of the patient. These include passive back pain physiotherapy and active one.

In passive physiotherapy, methods like heat pads, ice packs, and electrical stimulations could be used whereas inactive technique stretching and exercising of the back muscles is involved. Whatever technique is used, our physiotherapists ensure that you get the best treatment based on your condition and get immediate relief from pain.

Why Choose Us?

LocoMotion is conveniently located in the central of Singapore, offering a wide range of Physiotherapy services such as, but not limited to sports therapy, dry needling and even physiotherapy for elderly at the clinic or through our home therapy services. Each course of our Physiotherapy treatment will always begin with a detailed initial assessment before we guide you through the appropriate treatment options that you need. We also strongly believe in patient education. Not only would you get to play a part in improving your pain and restoring your health and performance, we want to help you understand your source of injury and prevent future episodes!

Important Uses

Physiotherapy is an evidence-based medical practice where Physiotherapists assess, diagnose and treat injuries from acute to chronic conditions, playing a huge role in rehabilitation. Aside from that, Physiotherapists also play a critical role in injury prevention, achieving and maintaining optimal health, wellness and fitness.

Physiotherapy is used to treat a wide range of common conditions including but not limited to orthopedic conditions (knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow and wrist injuries), neck and back care, post-operative rehabilitation (knee/hip replacements, rotator cuff repair, ACL reconstruction, etc), sport injuries (torn/strained ligaments and meniscus, fractures etc), Woman's Health (pre/post-natal, pelvic girdle and back pain), neurological rehabilitation (stroke, Parkinson's disease, etc), geriatric rehabilitation (fall prevention, care giver training).


Whether you're a competitive athlete trying to optimize in your sports performance, an administrative officer suffering from neck and back pain, or a retiree managing a long standing chronic condition (such as diabetes), Physiotherapy can be beneficial.


At LocoMotion, #wekeepyoumoving

At LocoMotion, we strongly believe in a two-way communication, working closely with our clients to identify their goals before we craft out a personalized treatment plan for them. During the first visit, we will run through a detailed verbal and physical assessment to understand and identify the problem. To help you manage your pain, improve your mobility and resume back to your active lifestyle, a range of treatment approaches are available:

- Manual therapy such as joint mobilization and soft tissue release

- Individualized exercise program for strengthening, balance, core and mobility

- Pilates

- Dry needling

- Electrotherapy

- Ultrasound

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