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We provide personal and duet pilates classes at Locomotion Clinic in Singapore. Exercise programs are customised with our clients to meet their individual goals, whether for general fitness, improving movement, or using Pilates for rehabilitation. We use a variety of specialized equipment (including Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Reformer for pilates in Singapore), as well as other props, to adapt exercises for our clients. The Pilates system is widely accepted in many clinical settings as an effective module to complement rehabilitation.


Why Choose Us?

  • Private and cozy space in a central location to practice Pilates in Singapore

  • Experienced instructor trained to work with people with injuries or special conditions

  • Specialised Pilates equipment in our clinic in Singapore, including the pilates reformer, enable many exercises to be adapted according to needs, by providing support, increasing resistance, or challenge balance control.

  • Access to Physiotherapist who can work closely to provide holistic treatment plan where necessary


Pilates is an exercise system that emphasizes postural alignment, core, and muscular strength, flexibility, and endurance. It was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates (who called his method “Contrology”). A key focus of Pilates is the mind-body connection - repetitions to each exercise are usually kept low so that the practitioner can “keep the mind wholly concentrated on the purpose of the exercises as you perform them”* without getting fatigue. It also works the full body and small muscles (“True flexibility can be achieved only when all muscles are uniformly developed”*). These are important so that the practitioner can build self-awareness and make sustained changes and improvements to their overall quality of movement and body.

When executed properly, the Pilates system:

- Enhances flexibility & joint mobility

- Builds strength

- Improves endurance, coordination, and balance

Contact us

Email to enquiry@locomotionclinic.com or call/ whats-app 9234 9704 for a phone consult. Alternatively, you can also book  via online.

*quotes from Pilates’ Return to Life through Contrology


Types of classes available:

Private Pilates Classes

Ideal for those with special conditions, injuries, or individuals looking for a customised program to focus on their personal goals.  Appropriate pilates equipments or props will be used to assist or to challenge individuals during exercise.

Duet Pilates Classes

Cozy class for two, with focused attention from the instructor to better address or customise program to the needs of the individuals. Class will incorporate various Pilates equipments (including the pilates reformer) as necessary.

Contact us

Email to enquiry@locomotionclinic.com or call/ whatsapp 9234 9704 for a phone consult. Alternatively, you can also book  via online.

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