Sport Massage

In Singapore, Sport massage has become an increasingly popular option to help manage muscle fatigue, recurring pain and enhancing sport performance. So what exactly is Sport Massage?


Using a collection of massage techniques and modalities, Sport Massage is a form of clinical massage targeting the soft tissues that aims to accelerate an active individual’s recovery from exercises and competitions. With benefits such as better blood flow, pain relief and improved range of motion, it is often used as a treatment adjunct during rehabilitation and injury prevention as well. Whether you are a desk-job worker or an elite athlete, each session is tailored to the affected muscle groups depending on the type of activity you participate in.

Commonly Used in:

Pre/ Post-race and event

Reducing muscle tension/ DOMs

Facilitating and optimizing recovery

Avoid If:

Recent Fractures/ Trauma

Open wound/ Burns

Rheumatoid Arthritis/ Gout

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Recent Surgical Sites

Infectious Diseases


Speak to us if you’re in doubt!

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Sport Massage

Sport Massage

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